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Cyprus is considered among the most probable birthplaces of the goddess of Love. Homer and other writers, referring to Aphrodite, call her "Cypria". In various inscriptions around Cyprus she is called "anassa" (meaning "queen"), or, locally, "Paphian", "Idalian", etc.

The most famous depiction of the goddess is in the marble statue from the Hellenistic period, found in Soloi. Now, The Aphrodite of Soloi adorns the entrance to the Cyprus Museum of Antiquities.

Would I might go to Cyprus,
island of Aphrodite,
where the Erotes,
bewitching goddesses of love,
soothe the hearts of humankind,
or to Paphos, rich and fertile,
not with rain, but with the waters
of a hundred flowing mouths
of a strange and foreign river.

In such words Euripides (Bacchae, 402ff.) celebrates the prosperity and character of Cyprus.